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Professor Dr Ghulam Hassan Best Psychiatrist In Lahore

When it comes to seeking professional help for mental health concerns, finding the right psychiatrist is crucial. In Lahore, Pakistan, one name stands out in the field of psychiatry – Professor Dr Ghulam Hassan. With over 26 years of experience in psychiatric practice, Dr Ghulam Hassan has earned a reputation as one of the best psychiatrists in Lahore, known for his expertise and compassionate approach towards patients.

Background of Dr Ghulam Hassan:

Dr Ghulam Hassan holds an impressive academic background and extensive experience in the field of psychiatry. He has dedicated years of study and practice to gain expertise in understanding and treating mental health disorders. With his in-depth knowledge and skills, he has become a trusted name in the medical community.

Areas of Expertise:

Dr Ghulam Hassan specializes in various areas of psychiatry, catering to the diverse needs of his patients. His expertise encompasses adult, child, and adolescent psychiatry, drug addiction, and rehabilitation. This broad range of specialization allows him to address a wide spectrum of mental health issues effectively.

Professional Accomplishments:

Over the course of his career, Dr Ghulam Hassan has achieved several milestones and received recognition for his outstanding contributions to the field of psychiatry. His dedication and commitment to patient care have earned him the respect and admiration of both patients and colleagues.

Psychiatry Practice

In his psychiatry practice, Dr. Ghulam Hassan treats a wide spectrum of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADHD, addiction disorders, and schizophrenia. He combines psychotherapy, lifestyle counseling, and medication management to achieve optimal outcomes tailored to each patient’s needs. His compassionate yet goal-oriented treatment approach promotes both symptom relief and long-term wellbeing.

Psychiatrist In Lahore
Psychiatrist In Lahore

Public Speaking and Life Coach Training:

Apart from his clinical practice, Dr Ghulam Hassan is known for his exceptional public speaking abilities and life coach training. He possesses the unique talent of effectively conveying complex mental health concepts in a simple and relatable manner. Through his engaging speaking engagements, he empowers individuals to take charge of their mental well-being.

Workshops and Educational Initiatives:

Dr Ghulam Hassan is actively involved in conducting workshops and educational initiatives on various aspects of mental health. These workshops serve as valuable platforms for individuals to learn about mental health, explore coping mechanisms, and gain insights into improving their overall well-being. Dr Ghulam Hassan’s dedication to spreading awareness about mental health is commendable.

Services Offered:

Dr Ghulam Hassan provides a comprehensive range of services to address diverse psychiatric conditions. From autism and anxiety disorders to academic problems and crisis management, he offers specialized treatment tailored to each patient’s unique needs. His expertise extends to handling general psychiatry cases, resolving mental health issues, and providing support for psychotic disorders.

Approach to Treatment:

Dr Ghulam Hassan follows a patient-centered approach to treatment, placing great emphasis on evidence-based practices. He believes in the importance of understanding each patient’s individual circumstances, providing a safe and supportive environment, and collaboratively developing treatment plans. This personalized approach ensures that patients receive the best possible care.

Patient Testimonials:

The impact of Dr Ghulam Hassan’s expertise and compassionate care is evident through the positive testimonials from his patients. Many have expressed gratitude for his understanding, empathy, and guidance during challenging times. Patients appreciate his ability to listen attentively, provide appropriate interventions, and empower them to overcome mental health struggles.

psychiatrist in lahore reviews
psychiatrist in lahore reviews

Contributions to Mental Health Awareness:

Dr Ghulam Hassan actively contributes to mental health awareness initiatives in the community. He understands the significance of addressing the stigma surrounding mental health and strives to educate the public on the importance of seeking help when needed. Through his efforts, he is breaking barriers and fostering a more accepting and supportive society.

Impact on the Community:

Dr Ghulam Hassan’s contributions extend beyond individual patient care. His dedication to improving mental health has had a profound impact on the community. By providing accessible and quality mental health services, he has positively influenced the lives of countless individuals, helping them regain control and live fulfilling lives.

Collaboration and Professional Network:

Dr Ghulam Hassan believes in collaboration and maintains a strong professional network within the field of psychiatry. He actively engages with fellow professionals, staying updated on the latest research and treatment methodologies. This collaborative approach ensures that his patients receive the highest standard of care.

Accessibility and Availability:

Dr Ghulam Hassan understands the importance of accessibility to mental health services. He ensures that patients can easily schedule appointments and receive timely care. His availability and commitment to patient well-being demonstrate his dedication to providing accessible and compassionate mental health support.

Testimonials from Colleagues:

Colleagues and fellow professionals in the field of psychiatry hold Dr Ghulam Hassan in high regard. They acknowledge his exceptional skills, deep understanding of mental health disorders, and commitment to advancing the field. Their testimonials further reinforce Dr Ghulam Hassan’s reputation as the best psychiatrist in Lahore.


  1. How can I contact Professor Dr Ghulam Hassan for a consultation?
    • To schedule a consultation with Professor Dr Ghulam Hassan, call our clinic at +92-0311 – 436 474 9
  2. What are Dr Ghulam Hassan’s areas of specialization?
    • Dr Ghulam Hassan specializes in adult, child, and adolescent psychiatry, offering comprehensive mental health services for individuals of all age groups.
  3. Does Dr Ghulam Hassan provide treatment for children and adolescents?
    • Yes, Dr Ghulam Hassan has extensive experience in providing specialized psychiatric care for children and adolescents, addressing a wide range of mental health issues.
  4. How many years of experience does Dr Ghulam Hassan have in psychiatry?
    • With 26 years of psychiatric practice, Dr Ghulam Hassan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his patients, ensuring high-quality care and treatment.
  5. What is the process for scheduling an appointment with Dr Ghulam Hassan?
    • Scheduling an appointment with Dr Ghulam Hassan is simple and convenient. You can either call our clinic or fill out the appointment request form on our website, and our team will assist you in securing a suitable time slot.
  6. Is Dr Ghulam Hassan affiliated with any hospitals or clinics in Lahore?
    • Dr Ghulam Hassan is affiliated with several reputable hospitals and clinics in Lahore, ensuring access to state-of-the-art facilities and a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.
  7. Can Dr Ghulam Hassan prescribe medications for psychiatric conditions?
    • As a qualified psychiatrist, Dr Ghulam Hassan is authorized to prescribe medications when necessary as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for psychiatric conditions.
  8. Does Dr Ghulam Hassan offer therapy sessions in addition to medication management?
    • Absolutely! Dr Ghulam Hassan believes in a holistic approach to mental health and offers therapy sessions tailored to the needs of each individual, in addition to medication management when appropriate.
  9. Are there any specific mental health conditions that Dr Ghulam Hassan specializes in?
    • Dr Ghulam Hassan has expertise in addressing a wide range of mental health conditions, including but not limited to anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and psychotic disorders.
  10. Does Dr Ghulam Hassan provide counseling for couples or families?
    • Yes, Dr Ghulam Hassan provides counseling services for couples and families, helping them navigate through relationship challenges and improve their overall mental well-being.
  11. What is Dr Ghulam Hassan’s approach to treating anxiety disorders?
    • Dr Ghulam Hassan adopts a comprehensive approach to treating anxiety disorders, combining evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and medication management to alleviate symptoms and improve overall quality of life.
  12. Does Dr Ghulam Hassan offer services for individuals struggling with substance abuse or addiction?
    • Yes, Dr Ghulam Hassan offers specialized services for individuals dealing with substance abuse or addiction, providing comprehensive treatment plans to promote recovery and long-term sobriety.
  13. Can Dr Ghulam Hassan provide a diagnosis for psychiatric disorders?
    • Yes, Dr Ghulam Hassan is skilled in conducting thorough assessments and can provide accurate diagnoses for various psychiatric disorders, helping guide the treatment process effectively.
  14. What type of therapy techniques does Dr Ghulam Hassan utilize in his practice?
    • Dr Ghulam Hassan employs a range of evidence-based therapy techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness-based approaches, tailoring the treatment to the unique needs of each individual.
  15. Are there any support groups or resources recommended by Dr Ghulam Hassan?
    • Yes, Dr Ghulam Hassan can provide information and guidance on support groups, community resources, and self-help materials that can complement the treatment process and enhance overall well-being.
  16. How often should I attend therapy sessions with Dr Ghulam Hassan?
    • The frequency of therapy sessions with Dr Ghulam Hassan will depend on your specific needs and treatment plan. He will work with you to determine an appropriate schedule that maximizes the therapeutic benefits.
  17. Does Dr Ghulam Hassan accept insurance for payment?
    • Yes, Dr Ghulam Hassan accepts insurance plans. We recommend contacting our clinic or insurance provider to confirm coverage and discuss any specific requirements.
  18. What can I expect during my first visit with Dr Ghulam Hassan?
    • During your first visit with Dr Ghulam Hassan, he will conduct a comprehensive assessment, discussing your symptoms, medical history, and treatment goals. This initial consultation allows him to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.
  19. Can Dr Ghulam Hassan provide recommendations for managing stress and improving mental well-being?
    • Absolutely! Dr Ghulam Hassan places great emphasis on helping individuals develop effective coping strategies and offers guidance on stress management, self-care, and techniques to improve mental well-being.
  20. Is there a minimum age requirement for patients seeking treatment with Dr Ghulam Hassan?
    • Dr Ghulam Hassan provides psychiatric care for individuals of all age groups, from children to adults, ensuring comprehensive and age-appropriate treatment options.
  21. Are virtual/online consultations available with Dr Ghulam Hassan?
    • Yes, virtual/online consultations are available with Dr Ghulam Hassan, providing convenient access to psychiatric care from the comfort of your own home.
  22. What languages does Dr Ghulam Hassan fluently speak and provide counseling in?
    • Dr Ghulam Hassan is fluent in English, Urdu, and Punjabi, allowing him to effectively communicate and provide counseling in these languages.
  23. Does Dr Ghulam Hassan offer cognitive-behavioral therapy for mood disorders?
    • Yes, Dr Ghulam Hassan utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to address mood disorders, helping individuals develop healthy thinking patterns and coping skills.
  24. Can Dr Ghulam Hassan provide referrals to other mental health professionals if needed?
    • Yes, if necessary, Dr Ghulam Hassan can provide referrals to other mental health professionals or specialists, ensuring comprehensive and coordinated care for his patients.
  25. What sets Dr Ghulam Hassan apart from other psychiatrists in Lahore?
    • Dr Ghulam Hassan’s extensive experience, compassionate approach, and commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in psychiatry make him a trusted and sought-after psychiatrist in Lahore.
  26. Does Dr Ghulam Hassan participate in any ongoing research or clinical trials?
    • Yes, Dr Ghulam Hassan actively engages in research and clinical trials to contribute to the field of psychiatry and provide his patients with the most innovative and evidence-based treatment options.
  27. How long are typical therapy sessions with Dr Ghulam Hassan?
    • Therapy sessions with Dr Ghulam Hassan typically last 45 to 60 minutes, allowing sufficient time for thorough discussions, interventions, and progress monitoring.
  28. Are there any self-help resources or materials recommended by Dr Ghulam Hassan?
    • Yes, Dr Ghulam Hassan can provide recommendations for self-help resources, books, and online materials that can supplement your treatment journey and promote personal growth.
  29. What should I do in case of an urgent mental health crisis or emergency?
    • In case of an urgent mental health crisis or emergency, please contact your local emergency services or go to the nearest emergency room. If necessary, Dr Ghulam Hassan can provide guidance on crisis management and support.
  30. How long does it typically take to see improvements with Dr Ghulam Hassan’s treatment?
    • The timeframe for improvements varies depending on the individual and the nature of the mental health condition. Dr Ghulam Hassan will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan and monitor progress along the way to ensure the best possible outcomes.